Saturday, August 31, 2013

I'll sleep when I'm dead.

Remember in my Facebook post a few nights back I mentioned the "frustration" piece of bring home a new baby and adjusting?  Last night, or rather, early this morning at the same time Hadley woke up because she was hungry; Teagan also woke up.  However, Teagan didn't wake up because she was hungry, she woke up because, as Sarah put it, couldn't find her binkie under the 27 puppies, 2 pillows, 3 trains, a dinosaur and 3 blankets.  Which is no lie, you really can't make that stuff up.  Teagan has a bit of a "puppy" obsession along with bringing everything to bed that she thinks she could possibly need in the middle of the night which has also, at times, included puzzle pieces.  

So while Sarah fed Hadley and put her back to sleep, I found myself laying on Teagan's floor assuring her that she wouldn't lose her binkie again.  Now mind you, the girl takes 3 binkies to bed at night.  You'd think she would of found one of them.  I should actually give Teagan some credit here because she actually looked for her binkie on her own for about 30 minutes before yelling for mom and dad.

Once I got Teagan back to sleep, or I had thought, I slowly crept back out of her room and went back to my very comfortable bed.

You know when you just about reach that point where you find yourself super comfortable in bed and on the verge of falling back asleep?  That was me... right before Teagan started yelling for me again.  So, back I went to lay down on her floor and repeated steps 1 through 3 again.

I can honestly say that since Sarah was pregnant with Teagan I have not had a good nights sleep.  I've actually come to terms with the fact that I'll sleep when I'm dead.  My night of sleep is actually so interrupted (getting up to use the bathroom, checking on Teagan, making sure the cats haven't destroyed anything, etc) that I wasn't nervous about bring Hadley home and losing any additional sleep. 

In the past couple of days on a few occasions I have said to Sarah, "It's funny to think that's where Teagan was at one point" while she is holding Hadley.  When Hadley was born she only weighed an additional ounce than when Teagan was born.  With Hadley being a part of our lives, it really strikes me with amazement when I look at Teagan now and realize how well she is growing up along with smart she is (and sometimes a bit of a smart-ass without realizing it, but that's a story for another day).

But still, even with my lack of sleep, endless bottles to clean, and messes to constantly pick up I wouldn't trade this life for anything.